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Searching for well-being now, it’s not a luxury, but the techniques you use to look for it, should be the most that resonate with your personality and that make some logical sense in your life. Well, in this wave of movements that talk about this, it can be easy to fall into trends without meaning.

On the other hand, finding those ways that adapt to Western life can be easy, because starting to create well-being habits is a challenge and if you begin to apply those that sometimes go against what you like about your lifestyle, can make you quit.

At Alaïa we always try that the luxury rose can give its best in your experience. This is why we created an alliance with the Heartmath Institute, an entity that gathers the most prominent scientists in the world, in the study of well-being.

These scientists have created a methodology, based on the understanding that although almost all mindfulness techniques seek to connect with the mind, studies have shown that the highest levels of well-being have been achieved when you learn to connect with your heart.

To bring this knowledge to practical life, they have brought together the best of ancestral wisdom, medical knowledge and new technologies to help you with simple and practical techniques that do not imply long quiet times, with the possibility of measuring their effectiveness on a day to day basis.

Hand in hand with the garden rose, they will be the perfect complement to help you create new and easy changes that you can confirm  immediately.

In your AlaÏa subscription, you can receive content and guidance, that will help you improve the technique while you enjoy the beauty of your roses.

If you want to start transforming your life right away, buy your Alaïa experience here.