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At Alaïa, we are creators of experiences with the perfect blend of elegance, convenience, and ecological consciousness.
Our products are journeys in and of themselves, invigorating you, nurturing your emotions, and harmonizing your environment and relationships. All of this is encapsulated within each Heirloom bouquet we offer.
Lofo of Alaia with roses

At Alaïa, we forge alliances with one of the largest and most exclusive fresh cut garden roses farm to bring you the rarest varieties of garden roses and dahlias, sourced from seeds originating in the most remote corners of the world. Furthermore, we have partnered with institutions of scientific wellness knowledge and exclusive brand networks. These partnerships aid us in crafting conscious luxury experiences, where we amplify the true value of the rose to create life-transforming moments.

Our experiences are infused with the utmost passion from the hands of women who are heads of households, pouring their dedication, discipline, and love into each creation. With every box, they deliver a captivating Alaïa beauty that has the power to transform lives.

Alaïa embodies beauty and joy, two terms that encapsulate the essence of the “Alaïa Experience.” When you receive our product, you embrace extraordinary beauty, accompanying new moments and journeys of connection and mindful awareness, all while nurturing a conscious environmental stewardship.

“Alaïa, floral experiences that are revolutionizing the way luxury roses are experienced”

We are creators of meaningful luxury experiences, expressed through the enjoyment of the world’s most exclusive garden roses and dahlias. We believe in the power of these exquisite flowers not only on traditional gifting occasions but also in those moments when we want to elevate and celebrate without knowing exactly how.

At Alaïa, we realized that the world of roses had fallen into a status quo, with their use confined to the same traditional special occasions. In doing so, some of the extraordinary magic of garden roses was being lost. We recognize and highlight the invaluable attributes of these roses, such as their sublime aura, their ability to evoke the senses, and their capacity to transform both the moment and the space they inhabit.

A woman making a bouquet of roses
Bouquet of pink dahlias and roses

Our Roses.

The Difference between Acquiring Experiences with Common Roses and Alaïa Heirloom Garden Roses bouquets takes your experiences to a new level, because they offer an experience fit for royalty: these roses originate from the private gardens of Josephine Bonaparte, who was so captivated by their beauty that she commissioned a painter to immortalize them. This is how they have been preserved to this day in the world’s most exclusive gardens, meant for individuals of the highest echelons.

  • They are rare. Alaïa’s garden roses come from exceptionally exclusive seeds, making them regarded as a gem within the realm of flowers.
  • Their forms are unique. Every variety of Alaïa’s garden roses possesses a distinct look, featuring countless petals with shapes and fragrances that are both singular and exquisite, offering a naturally subtle and magnificent beauty.
  • They embody fleeting beauty at its peak. The way they continuously shift in form, size, hues, and fragrances during their lifespan ensures that each day brings forth a distinct experience for the individual, creating an ever-changing journey.
  • Living fragrance. Should you opt for a variety endowed with scent, you are ensured an enduring and intense presence that lingers for days. The fragrance’s intensity varies according to the season of the year.
  • It’s a natural beauty. In Alaïa’s rose bouquets, you will always encounter a distinct organic style. Their stems exhibit the natural droop characteristic of garden roses. 
  • You won’t encounter thorns. We always prioritize the well-being of your hands.
  • We consider your lifestyle. Today’s fast-paced and multitasking world demands efficiency, which is why we’ve designed a product that saves you time and energy. Ready to be placed in your vase, free from waste, and quickly assembled to enhance your spaces.
Explore the realm of Alaïa experiences.

Types of Alaïa Experiences.

Indulge in the various Alaïa experiences:

Each stem of our garden rose presents a unique experience in itself. You’ll forge a direct connection with nature as you witness the diverse transformations in their forms, colors, head sizes, and distinct fragrances from the moment you place them in their vase.

Allow yourself to behold the various Alaia experiences through all of your senses.

Romantic Experiences

We’ve crafted Alaïa experiences for all kinds of love – for the passionate, the sublime, the liberated, the budding, the steadily growing, even for those reaching their end. In their essence, garden roses convey the perfect message, emanating beauty from the heart and expressing far more than words can.

Love is Love (LGBTIQA+)

We’ve curated this category, inspired by the preferences of our friends within this community, striving to strike the perfect blend between the fairy tale cherished by many and the luxury relished by others.

Home Experiences

We’ve crafted Alaïa experiences for various spaces and moments, enabling you to immerse yourself in sublime beauty not just when guests arrive, but for your everyday life. This way, you can infuse your spaces with transformation through the beauty of the garden rose.

Luxury Experiences

Garden roses are gems, and at Alaïa, we possess the exclusivity of having certain varieties that, due to their rarity, are deemed “family heirlooms” – special roses for unique moments.