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Death, despite being a certain stage of life, is still a difficult moment of detachment, because getting used to the physical loss of another can cause such strong pain that sometimes we feel it’s impossible to overcome.

Luxury roses are the exact expression of the beauty that being ephemeral in life possesses. The way they develop shows us how a process such as death can become beautiful and sublime, the fall of each petal, the change in colors and the way the aroma gradually disappears, gives us the opportunity to appreciate the small details of life.

This is why we have developed an experience that accompanies grief through the process of the rose, together with the exclusive content that we have made with Heartmath Institute, a place created by the main wellness scientist in the world, to work on managing emotions in times of loss, in order to transform a duel into an experience of rebirth to a new life.

If you want to bring light in a dark moment, the beauty of our luxury roses will be the best company in combination with the HeartMath techniques.

Accompany in all the moments of life with Alaïa experiences.

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