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In the realm of wellness, the concept of mindfulness pervades, a tool deemed indispensable for attaining states of inner serenity. However, when the term is uttered, one often conjures images of a Buddhist monk, seated in tranquil repose, a distant reality from our bustling Western world. Amidst packed schedules and limited moments of respite, achieving true silence or calm seems elusive; even in slumber, the mind can remain ceaselessly active.

Yet, the question remains: how do we attain that coveted state of peace? Scientific research demonstrates that this state not only bestows benefits upon the body but also influences decision-making and overall well-being. Must one become a Buddhist monk or disengage from the realities and comforts of Western life that we hold dear?

At Alaïa, in our quest to unlock the potential of the garden rose, we have collaborated with well-being experts and unearthed that the inherent characteristics of the rose render it an ideal instrument for transforming stress and discomfort into tranquility and serenity.

The result is an immersive experience we call the “roses mindfulness game,” wherein we meticulously select shades and varieties of roses, each possessing specific properties to facilitate a game of present-moment consciousness as you assemble the bouquet.

Within our experience box, you shall find 12 roses of diverse varieties and lengths, alongside instructions thoughtfully crafted to liberate your mind and enable you to surrender to the moment.

Do not deny yourself the privilege of indulging in a sublime experience of beauty, one that intertwines luxury roses and inner well-being, uniting your inner essence with the exterior realm in a harmonious symphony orchestrated by Alaïa.

If you yearn to embark on a transformative journey without delay, embrace your Alaïa experience and procure it here.