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What types of roses do you offer?

We exclusively offer garden roses organic bouquets.

What is the difference between garden roses and standard roses?

You can see the difference in the following link

How do I care for my garden roses upon receipt?

Please read our Care and Handling Instructions.

Where are your roses grown?

Our garden roses are grown overseas in Colombia, South America. Our garden roses are grown to be the highest quality, with as little impact on the environment and we strive to provide the best work conditions for our employees.

When will my order be shipped?

You will receive your tracking number two days before your garden roses arrive.

Your selected delivery date can be seen on your confirmation email.

Once we ship your order, you`ll receive a tracking number that you can trace by doing click on this link  (  ) and if you want to consult additional topics, our experts will be waiting for you in the following link

How do I check my order history?

Please login to your account here

I placed an order online. How do I reach someone if I have a question?

Please message us here: e-mail:

Live chat with your personal shopper:

Our customer care team will bring you support the sooner possible, or feel free to contact us via Instagram or Facebook.

If you have not received a response, please check your junk folder

How can I make changes to an existing order?

Please send us a message here: and we will edit your order details.

Where do you ship?

We ship our roses to the every state in the United States. For Hawaii and Alaska please allow one extra delivery day. (your roses will be delivered the day after your selected delivery date)

How can I subscribe?

You can go to the section, “Your Alaia Rose” and choose your subscription experiences.

What to do if the roses in my bouquet have not grown in the first 5 days?

Contact your personal shopper in this link  and he will help you receive a totally free bouquet.

Can you advise me to make an event in my house?

Your personal shopper will be happy to serve you! Contact your personal shopper in this link

How can I stay informed of your products and news?

You can subscribe to our HOUSE OF PRIVILEGES ALAIA

If you wish to belong to the House of Privileges Alaia, you must request your quota in the following link: (e-mail to request permission:

To belong to the House of Privileges is to be part of a closed circle with exclusive access.

Within the benefits of the Alaia House you will receive invitations to our own exclusive events and those of luxury brands with which we have alliances, the scoop on new launches and sales, and contact with Lifestyle experts in wellbeing, fashion, and home to give moments with meaning to your life.

Take your life to the next level.


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