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Christmas is usually the time we look forward to the most, because in our imagination we believe that we will be able to meet everyone, buy many gifts and do many activities. But the reality is that once it starts, all of the frustrations come with those dreams that we have. Well, we don’t always have the time we want, not everyone is happy with the gifts we give them, and when we least expect it, January arrives with the post-euphoric feeling of disappointment that remains from the holidays.

If you wish to have the Christmas of your dreams, we recommend that you exchange the chaotic Christmas’s with more meaningful Christmas’s, changing paradigms in the face of what this time should be.

First, prioritize from that great list of expectations those that fill you with happiness, it won’t always come out perfect; that is to say; for example, visiting that relative you love or preparing something delicious for your closest ones.

Second, open your mind this Christmas so that different things happen and let these surprises fill your life. Unexpected visits, failed dinners, unfulfilled commitments are valid possibilities within any Christmas, and if you open yourself up, you will be able to find valuable aspects for you in those surprises.

Third, do not measure your level of gratitude as something that you must show proportionally with the material gifts that you receive.

Focus on giving more experiences than material objects. The experiences will remain forever in your mind and in your heart.

We want to accompany you in the construction of that new Christmas with meaning, for this reason we have brought you a limited edition that will accompany you in your home and in those moments that you want to make unique. Live your Alaia experience and fill your Christmas with moments full of meaning.