Two assorted Heirloom bouquets with decorative greens included


Indulge in pure elegance with Alaïa Roses: Elevate your senses today!

Immerse yourself in a realm of exotic beauty through Alaïa Roses Bouquets, your gateway to genuine enjoyment of fragrant garden rose bouquets, meticulously designed for time optimization and enjoyment.
Delve into a floral experience that combines the symphony of enchanting scents, captivating colors, and thornless perfection, ensuring a journey of pure connection that awakens your senses.

Ready to embrace this unique experience?
Elevate the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary: an exclusive privilege offered by Alaïa Roses.


  • Farm Fresh Flowers
  • Pick Your Arrival Date at Checkout
  • Gift Messaging Available at Checkout
  • Vase Not Included

Warning: Not for Human or Animal Consumption
Our Heirloom Garden Roses Bouquets offer a nature-immersed experience in themselves. Each day, you’ll delight in the transformation of each garden rose—its diverse forms, sizes, fragrances, and hues. They will elevate your energy daily as you relish in observing, touching, smelling, and feeling their presence.

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