Romantic Antike


Presenting to you, our exquisite bouquet featuring the Romantic Antike rose, a masterpiece that sets itself apart. With an extraordinary cabbage-like form, this rose boasts an unrivaled performance that goes beyond conventional expectations. Its head size gracefully expands as it unfurls, demonstrating a level of magnificence that is simply beyond the ordinary.

Experience the epitome of exclusivity, celebrating the beauty found in distinction. Elevate your senses and surroundings with this rarity that distinguishes our luxury line.


  • Farm Fresh Flowers
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Warning: Not for Human or Animal Consumption
Our Heirloom Garden Roses Bouquets offer a nature-immersed experience in themselves. Each day, you’ll delight in the transformation of each garden rose—its diverse forms, sizes, fragrances, and hues. They will elevate your energy daily as you relish in observing, touching, smelling, and feeling their presence.

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Living luxury from different and the exceptional, we present to you an exclusive variety cultivated in Savannah of Colombia in South America, in the exclusive Alexandra Farms. With the rarity and exclusivity that characterizes our luxury line, we present this bouquet of our romantic antik rose with an exceptional cabbage shape and an unusual performance in terms of its head size as its opening progresses. Experience the exclusivity of difference, enjoy the unique features that characterize our Romantic Antike.

Learn more about the Alaïa experience:

  • Because it is a natural product, freshly cut, the colors in the photo may have some variations compared to the real product.
  • Duration 10 days.

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General Care of your bouquets

These simple steps will guarantee you live your Alaïa experience to the fullest.

  1. Once you receive the box, extract the bouquet, remove the protector and the gel that is at the base of the stems and cut 1 cm of the base of the stems with scissors.
  2. Prepare that vase with clean water, fill it to the level of ¾ parts of the stem and mix in the food envelope that arrives in the box.
  3. Place your bouquet in a place free of direct light and wind so that you can enjoy its changes as they open for atleast 10 days.
  4. Take a few minutes of each day to appreciate and enjoy each day of change in their shapes, tones and fragrances to the measure that you have the flowers accompanying your spaces.
  5. We suggest you cut 1 cm of the stem every 3 days and change the water so that you can extend the life of your roses.

Remember that the duration of your bouquet depends on the care and love that you give it while it blooms.

You will receive that bouquet ready to be put in the vase, but nevertheless, they travel with their guardian petals. They are the most superficial petals that may come to you mistreated for keeping and protecting others. If you wish, you may gently remove them so your flowers look fresher. If you enjoy an Antique or Romantic look, we recommend keeping them.

If you still have any questions about the care of your experience, you can contact us at the following email or tel.

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