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Being authentic in the LGBTI community is an act of bravery in a world filled with discrimination and prejudice, as individuals face the daily challenge of revealing their true identity, knowing they might be judged or rejected. Amidst this struggle, roses become symbols of hope and expression of that truth.

This community feels the weight of hiding their identity and the wounds caused by invisibility. They wonder if they will ever be able to love without fear and be fully accepted.

Roses show them that love knows no limits or barriers, reminding them that they deserve to be loved just as they are, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, blossoming within them, strengthening the value of authenticity.

Roses become their secret language, conveying a message of love, pride, and resistance. They express their ununderstood love by defying established norms.

In the midst of darkness, roses are their beacon of hope. They are symbols of love and courage, reminding them to keep fighting for a world where they can be themselves without fear.

At Alaïa, our roses are the expression that speaks of their unique love, through experiences created exclusively to give meaning and bring to life those unexpressed feelings, hidden words, or stolen glances that yearn to reach their beloved with the strength dictated by the heart.

Here, we present our collection designed solely for this community.