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These simple steps will guarantee you live your Alaïa experience to the fullest.

Be at the delivery address on the delivery day as much as possible so your flowers won’t wait at the door.

Open the box carefully by removing the security citations.

Read the information that we send you inside the box, we have organized it with all the love so that you have the best experience.


How to care for rose bouquet

Prepare a clean and disinfected vase so that the flower has space to open (ideally of glass), because our exclusive varieties will grow up to twice the initial size.

Fill it with fresh water and ice until it is at ¾ parts water and mix one packet of food. Reserve the other packet for the following days.

Once you have the bouquet in your hands remove the protector and the gel that is at the base of the stems, you are going to cut an inch from the stems with a knife or flower scissors, we need to be sure they will drink the water.

You will receive the bouquet ready to be put in the vase, but nevertheless, they travel with their guardian petals. They are the most superficial petals that may come to you mistreated for keeping and protecting others. If you wish, you may gently remove them so your flowers look fresher. If you enjoy an Antique or Romantic look, we recommend keeping them.

Our flowers are organized in a way that is most similar to the photo on our page, but feel free to use your own inspiration to put your personal touch to the way they are arranged in the vase.

Find the best place where they can live each day, remembering that it is fresh, free of drafts or direct light.

Tag us in #alaiaroses! Share your experience, because we love to see how our roses give meaning to your life and also receive an Alaia surprise.

At Alaia we seek to give you experiences that are kind to the planet, that’s why our box is recyclable and reusable.

 Take a few minutes of each day to appreciate and enjoy each day of change in their shapes, tones and fragrances to the measure that you have the flowers accompanying your spaces.

Remember that the duration of your bouquet depends on the care and love that you give it while it blooms.

If you still have any questions about the care of your experience, you can contact us through our media.

e-mail: or Live chat with your personal shopper 786 864 9836 or (+1786 864 9836)


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