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Throughout the history of humanity we have had crises or moments of tension in the world, but only COVID, had the ability to touch all of humanity at the same time and make us aware that when we are united we can always move forward and that the human beings have a worderful ability to adapt and reinvent themselves.

No matter how successful we are at what we do for a living, if we do it without purpose we will soon find ourselves acting automatically and with a great emptiness.

You can avoid this if you train your conscience in the development of your purpose on a day to day basis, that is, you begin to change the paradigms of your mind that says that things “should” be done by obligation, and rather ask yourself if what you are doing today fills you with satisfaction?, How useful is it?, How much do you improve your environment or even the world?

At first these questions may seem somewhat abstract, but based on “Ikigai”, a Japanese philosophy to connect with the inner purpose, answering them will help you make transcendental changes in your life. Well, it invites you to go towards an occupation that you like, that not only gives you personal satisfaction but is so valuable that you get paid for it and also has a positive effect in your community. This, because according to a Eastern philosophy, human beings achive our true expansion when we not only benefit ourselves, but also our environment.

Bringing this philosophy to reality may sometimes not be a straight, easy or short path, but making small changes on a day to day basis is the correct way to develop that resilience capacity that will allow you to reinvent yourself to be more successful and fulfilled everyday.

At Alïa, rather than just focusing on the great moments, we celebrate small day to day victories, to go after our dreams, since learning to manage emotions and make decisions on a daily basis will be the key to achieving  that life with a purpose.

Together with experts in intelligence of the heart, we have developed an experience with luxury roses, where you will have a bouquet with specialized content in the transformation of the emotions that you feel that prevent you from moving forward and replace them with new ones that give you that resilience to continue forward no matter the challenges.

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